Who’s Watching You?

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There is an old saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It means, of course, that people find beauty in differing things. One person sees an antique table as lovely and whimsical while another sees it as old and rickety, fit only for a dump trip. Interestingly, Scripture mentions that our actions can […]

Purposeful Parenting

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This is an introduction to a series of posts encouraging and teaching parents who want to focus on their calling to raise children who become disciples of Jesus Christ. My model is simple: I offer encouragement for such parents to renew (or rededicate) their homes to the calling and concerns of Christ and his Kingdom. […]

Before & After: South Side

0 South Side Restored 2017

The south side of the farmhouse started in pretty bad shape. Above is the picture of how it looks in its finished state: February of 2017. Below is the picture from our second visit to the property before making the purchase in March of 2011. You can see Scott and Charity sitting on this porch eating lunch. […]

Before & After: Index

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I love to watch TV shows that display the way a renovation looks before and after the work is done. This section of my blog is all about explaining the process in detail so as to help others and keep a record. On this page, I show the dramatic start and end pictures of various […]

This, Too, Shall Pass

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As parents, we have a mission that unfolds over decades. Child rearing is not for cowards: it is accompanied by difficulties, temptations, and fears that can sap our hope, faith, and energy for doing good to our children. Sometimes the children bring us trials, and sometimes we are bearing with our children as the circumstances […]

My Weight History

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First: Why am I sharing this? Because I know that there are others out there just like me! This section of this blog is the most true to the original sense of the word “blog”: it’s a log of my walk into better, healthier living–I hope! I’m planning to share links to resources and information that I […]

Keeping a Quiet Home

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Introduction Over the fifteen years that I spoke each spring at state homeschool conventions, I’m not sure a season went by when I wasn’t asked by convention hosts to give the speech I entitled “Tips for Teaching a Houseful.” For years, Lampstand Press has sold audio versions of this popular speech. (You can purchase it […]